Namaste,  My name is Samrat Pasham. I would like to warmly welcome you to Svadhyaya Yoga.

Here, I focus on teaching Vinyasa Flow. A dynamic style of yoga asanas that emphasize breath and mindfulness while flowing through poses.  Practicing it regularly promotes excellent health and a deep sense of  inner peace.

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Vrischikasana - Scorpion Pose In Handstand
I am a 200 Hrs Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor. I trained with Aayana Yoga Academy in Bangalore. I practice and teach Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga in Hyderabad.

I wasn’t always flexible or known for my athleticism. Before I started practicing yoga full-time, I had a career in Information Technology and Marketing, working with companies like Dell, Oracle and Akamai for over a decade.

My yoga journey was a bit of an unexpected one. Read my story here

Vinyasa Flow is a powerful system of yoga that integrates breath and dynamic flowing yoga asanas.

Typically a guided practice session is anywhere from 60-90 minutes long. Practitioners start with Sun Salutations and move through a series of postures designed to encourage full range of movement, flexibility and a stronger toned body. Sessions always end with Savasana and practices that involves withdrawal of the senses inwards.

I found that practicing Vinyasa Flow regularly helps one experience profound health benefits and a deep sense of calm.

I currently practice and teach in Hyderabad and you can reach me via

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