5 Little Reasons You Should Take Up Yoga This Year

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5 little reasons to take up yoga

We all know that practicing yoga is amazing for your health and well-being. At the very least, this idea is backed up by several hundred years worth of anecdotal evidence. More recently, efforts have even been made to study its amazing effects a little more scientifically. However, I will not cover ‘big-things’ here today 🙂

Instead, I will share the “little-things” that I’ve learned on my personal yoga journey. I’ve been busily chronicling said journey on Instagram and hope to continue doing so. Please feel free to follow me by clicking on this link here.

1- Yoga Makes You A Better Role Model For Kids

Kids are excellent imitators, they learn a lot from adults by observing and imitating their behavior. So, why not give the little ones something healthy to imitate. Yogic practices are known to have a positive effect on children. Its a win-win. You get to spend more quality time with them while they get an outlet for their energy and end up becoming calmer in the process.

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2-  Friday Fitness Gets A Little More Fun.

Friday’s have always been the one day I’ve always wanted to cheat on fitness- Remember its that day that goes before Saturday – which means its always more fun to go out to eat, drink and make merry. Yoga flipped that on its head – I now find myself wanting to work on new skills over the weekend and Friday turns out to be the perfect setup day.

3-  Chill-Time Becomes A Fundamental Skill To Cultivate.

If you’re the type of person that’s built to be a little wired and competitive (like me). Sure physical exercise is a fabulous pursuit, but learning to relax – that is pure gold. Trust me on this one.

4-  Abs & Biceps Stop Being The Only Fitness Goals.

For the longest time, my definition of fitness started and ended with the pursuit of abs. The goal was to get ones like the ones we often see on ads and glossy fitness magazines. Needless to say, the abs never seemed to materialize. Through yoga, I have been learning that strength means much more than a few hyper strong muscles. That makes me happy. Now, there are many many little goals to go after.

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5-  The Whole Family Can Get Involved – Young or Old

Yoga, I found, doubles up as an elegant solution when you’re looking for an activity to get the whole family active. Many of its practices can be performed well into old age safely. I was pleasantly surprised to be met with very little resistance when I tried to get my dad to join me. He continues to practice with me occasionally.

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Samrat Pasham

Samrat Pasham is a Hyderabad based Yoga Alliance 200 Registered Yoga Teacher. He is a self-confessed inversion-addict and can often be seen spending time upside down. Samrat believes that Yoga is for everybody and every-body. He is keenly interested in mindfulness, nutrition, holistic health and movement.

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    Hi Samrat, Nice to see your immense progress in just a year and graduated to be a full yoga trainer.


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