6 Yoga Poses To Manage Thyroid Health

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Manage Your Thyroid With Yoga

Manage Your Thyroid With Yoga


Reportedly 1 in 10 Indians suffer from Thyroid issues.  The vast majority of thyroid issues aren’t diagnosed. Many of us suffer needlessly, simply because we are unaware of the symptoms.

About the Thyroid Gland and Common Thyroid Issues:

The Thyroid is a small butterfly shaped gland that located near the base of the throat. It plays a critical role in managing how our bodies metabolize and use energy. This small organ has far reaching effects on our health and well-being. When our ‪#‎thyroid‬ dysfunctions, it can show up as a variety of non-specific symptoms.

‪#‎Hypothyroidism‬ is a condition where the normal function of the thyroid is depressed and it under performs. People with this condition often complain of symptoms like sudden unexplained weight gain, fatigue, various non-specific muscle weaknesses, dry skin and irritable eyes, to name a few.

‪#‎Hyperthyroidism‬ is a condition when the normal function of the thyroid is increased beyond the normal. People suffering from this typically experience changes in appetite, nervousness, heart palpitations, anxiety, changes in breathing, fatigue and sleeping difficulties to name a few.

My message today is to listen to your body. Invest in rest and prudence – Get your thyroid checked now rather than later and take control.

If you are open to using yoga as a tool to manage your Thyroid. Take a look at these yoga poses and include them into your practice.

Stay healthy protect your energy!


Samrat Pasham

Samrat Pasham is a Hyderabad based Yoga Alliance 200 Registered Yoga Teacher. He is a self-confessed inversion-addict and can often be seen spending time upside down. Samrat believes that Yoga is for everybody and every-body. He is keenly interested in mindfulness, nutrition, holistic health and movement.

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