Progress Your Forearm Stand With Samrat Pasham

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Samrat Pasham forearm stand tutorial


Forearm Stand or Pinchamayursana is a challenging balance yoga pose that appears in the Ashtanga Intermediate series.

When I started learning it I fell a ton. However, I found that with targeted preparation I could improve the odds of achieving and maintaining a straight Pincha.

While prepping for the pose, specifically targeting these key areas

(Shoulders, Heart Space, Core, Hips and Hamstrings & Assisted Inversions) can dramatically improve the experience of the pose.

I have tried to show you how I work towards this pose – You can modify and add your own variations according to your body.


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Samrat Pasham

Samrat Pasham is a Hyderabad based Yoga Alliance 200 Registered Yoga Teacher. He is a self-confessed inversion-addict and can often be seen spending time upside down. Samrat believes that Yoga is for everybody and every-body. He is keenly interested in mindfulness, nutrition, holistic health and movement.

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